Ayurveda Body Types

Classical Ayurvedic texts list seven body types. These are Vata, Pitta, Kafa, Vata-Pitta, Pitta-Kafa, Vata-Kafa and Vata-Pitta-Kafa. However, each of the three double types exists in two varieties, which differ depending on the predominant dosha. According to Vedic philosophy, everything in nature is composed of 5 elements – space, air, fire, water and earth. The term “dosha” is a combination of these elements. Each individual has his own innate nature, called “prakriti,” which does not change throughout his life. It determines his health, temperament, his relationship with the world around him, the way he treats him, the foods he should consume, etc. These three principles of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha govern all the biological, psychological, and pathophysiological functions of the body, mind, and consciousness. They act as the main components and protective barriers for the body under normal physiological conditions. The imbalance between them causes disease processes.

Vata body type

Vata doshas are creative. They learn quickly and easily grasp new concepts, but also easily forget. Their body is weak and elongated. They are usually tall, with long limbs and a fast gait. They do not feel good in cold climates. Easily excitable type, energetic and cheerful, Vata are good company. They quickly change their mood. It is difficult for them to adhere to any daily schedule. They have sharp peaks and drops in energy, which leads to frequent fatigue. When under stress, they react with anxiety, panic. They often act impulsively. They have a hard time controlling their thoughts. Their skin is usually very dry and their hair is brittle and fragile.

Pitta body type

People with Pitta body type have average physical characteristics. They often have gray, green or variegated eyes. They have a keen and sharp eye, a quick thought and a critical mind. They are very good practitioners, well-skilled, breakthrough and pragmatic people. Pitta are very durable and tough, they like reckless sports. They are demanding of themselves and others. Due to the characteristics of Pitta dosha, people with this body type are sometimes restless, irritable and jealous or use biting language. They love winter, cold foods and drinks, and are sensitive to heat and strong light. The increased acidity of the body causes in the representatives of this type a tendency to inflammation of the eyes and internal organs, early whitening and baldness, allergies, vision and skin problems. The biggest problem with Pita is anger.

Kapha body type

People with a Kapha body type have a heavier construction and massive bodies. They have large and beautiful, blue or flattering dark eyes with long, thick eyelashes, gorgeous brittle dark hair and healthy white teeth. They are characterized by pale and cold skin. They are slower and calmer, friendly and kind. They are easily attached, caring and love family comfort. They consider it their duty to save and invest in possessions. Due to the characteristics of Kapha dosha, people with this constitution believe that they need more time to sleep. Sometimes they tend to gain weight, inertia and stagnant life, and during mental problems, they seek solace in food. Usually Kapha are satisfied with their life, but in some cases this leads to a lack of intellectual interests.

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