Human Sexuality in Ayurveda

Human Sexual inadequacy is a major issue today from fertility onwards to sexual health in general. Because, the awareness though through school education is helpful but may not fulfill and eradicate with the every issue arising from successful martial relationship to succeeding with the right kind of progeny. Ayurveda does relate every aspect of its health right from the conception till to the end of choicest progeny attained at least 1year of its life. Well beyond to the above period is right from the beginning of fertility age in both sexes and continue from it the advices before attaining conception even. The scope of living span through this right kind of successful life is either misused or been exploited with other issues of our lives. We can discuss issues high-lighted through in Ayurveda from below.

Right age for correct relationship

Fertility period in Ayurveda for both the sexes or gender start from 16-20 years of life in woman and 25 years of life in male to start with. Because of the seven tissues in relationship to final seventh tissue (Reproductive) from somatic point of view and also the mind maturity is the concern to prescribe such norms. For example if the children aged 5-8 years of their life is targeted to give sex education is too early for both the sex or gender to understand and execute it correctly when time arrive. The experience is the only final evidence of knowing it. Otherwise its misuse or abuse will result in. And also other end with the issues in relationship to maturity onset changes in voluntary is also a wrong practice. For example, the sexual and marital life is only concerned with the right kind of relationship with selective ages of settlement, education or any other financial social obligations. If the couple choose to conceive from forty years of their life or after freezing their eggs way beyond in to the ages, may not fulfill the success of its progeny with many unwanted psycho somatic ailments for parents in stress if IVF is a failure to congenital or genetic influences with the maturity of that issue grown up in aged womb.

Procreation to recreational abilities

There are several other issues to execute it properly according to Ayurveda and enjoy the norms and states of health on an individual basis. Because, we all differ from physical level to mind status from varied states of our life span. For example, the child hood is predominated by kapha humour so is our old age with the Vata. The only middle part is active with Pitta and or for energy transformation. Ayurveda does reflect the issue and or progeny is from the each part of our body in representation. (Ref: in Sanskrit Angaad Angaad Sambhavasi…) if the age of fertility is a big issue from mental and physical development of an issue or baby so is the mental health of conceived mother and parenting father also. The flower does not fragrant until its maturity. So is the flower is useless after the scent and nectar has lost from it. Hence the right ages for sex education and parenting is a big issue even for enjoying the sex life at right time of our lives.

Not only in Ayurveda the whole application of knowledge in eighth branch of it known under Vajeekarana or Vrisha tantra in Sanskrit is explained but also in contemporary texts of sexual medicine and health such as ‘Ananga Ranga, Vatsyayana Kama su-tra and Koka shastra’ or kuttani mata etc., also give varied advices on right ages and types among genders. For example in Ayurveda if we consider 7 types of basic physical constituency (Prakruti) is considered for varied natural inborn strengths of sexual health, not only from capacity to procreate but also the attitude of it.

Means the comparisons made from sparrow nature in cohabitation if Vata predominate in ones constitution. So is like an elephant for Kapha constitution etc. The mind in maturity is playing a role according to the age or chronology, rather than the Satwa predominate in sexual vigour or vitality in function and in quality. However being Satwa in mind predomination is always positive in every aspect of living, for an individual to the transformation of this quality into progeny also. Integration of body mind dual fixation type in constitutional basis may still require and thus acquire an ability beyond ones ability is also expressed in Ayurveda under, by nature some one is empowered, (kechit sahaja gamini in Charaka Samhita) by right kind of intervention needed through in Aphrodisiology (Vajeekarana) one may attain ability to procreate and also in recreation for a good sexual health in Ayurveda. The three type of abilities in an individual is assessed and understood through from genetic predisposition to acquired in due course of time with an intervention (through proper Pancha Karma and annual cleansing process) and may even conditionally acquired ability which is a short run energies gained through right from the so called aphrodisiacs in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda does prescribe a good sexual health and vitality primarily for a graded progeny through pro-creation ability rather secondarily to recreate in right ages of our lives according to Charaka Samhita. The Charaka even find out the right choice of match through sensory abilities of a person in recognition to suitable to ones sensory arousability as a quality. According to the famous author and sexologist of modern era the Prof. & Dr. John Money U.S.A. in his Ayurveda writings give such definitions based on gender identity and gender role. And also relate the VSS visual sexual stimulation in male turn on to tactile or haptic sensory ability for a female response from Vatsyayana’s age old findings are rewritten by this great scientist.

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